Saturday, November 15, 2014

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

jQuery 3.0 and the future of Web development

In the eight years since its initial release, jQuery has become the foundation of the modern Web. The popular cross-platform library has become bundled and intertwined with countless websites, developer tools and with JavaScript itself.

The next step for the open-source platform is jQuery 3.0. In a recent blog post entitled “jQuery 3.0: The Next Generations”, jQuery development team core lead and jQuery Foundation president Dave Methvin previewed what developers can expect going forward in jQuery’s next release. SD Times spoke with Methvin about the rise of the JavaScript library over the past decade, how jQuery has changed and where the platform, and ultimately Web development, is headed.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Inbox by Gmail : Hands-on and first impressions

Google this afternoon announced Inbox for Gmail, its all-new emailing solution that is intended to coexist with the regular Gmail platform (Think Paper for Facebook?). Inbox for Gmail is available on an invite only basis for Android, iOS and Chrome.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

ASP.NET MVC Question and Answer Part-4

Here are few ASP.NET MVC interview question and answer which are very useful to clear eLance test.

1- Which class would you return from a Controller action when performing partial page updates?

A- ActionResult
B- PartialViewResult
C- PartialResult
D- ViewResult


2- What is the core process of rolling up a number of distinct resources together into a single downloadable resource in ASP.NET MVC?

A- Joining
B- Bundling
C- Compacting
D- Hashing
E- Merging


3- In MVC, Which represents data that you want to have displayed on viewpage?

A-Domain Model
B-Json Model
C-Data Model
D-View Model


4- Which HTML Helper would you use to create a form element in a View?

A- FormBegin
B- FormGenerate
C- BeginForm
D- Form


5- A controller action can return:

A- All answers are correct.
B- ContentResult
C- JavascriptResult
D- ViewResult


6- Which Razor construct is used to indicate a view is strongly-typed

A- @entity
B- @context
C- @type
D- @model


7- Tempdata is used to:

A- pass data between two consecutive requests
B- pass data from the view to the controller action
C- pass data from controller action to the view


8- Which of these emulators are valid mobile emulators for MVC applications?

A- All of these
B- Opera Mobile Emulator
C- Apple Safari
D- Windows 7 Phone Emulator


9- What is OutputCacheAttribute used for?

A- To skip method execution until cached output expires.
B- None of the answers
C- To notify client browser that output shall be cached.
D- To mark an action method whose output will be cached.


10- If you want to setup custom configuration for a controller (formatters, model binders, etc.) which interface would you attribute need to implement?

A- IControllerConfiguration
B- IConfiguration
C- IControllerSettings
D- IController


11- You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application. The application is deployed in a web farm and is accessed by many users. The application must handle web server failures gracefully. The servers in the farm must share the short-term state information. You need to persist the application state during the session. What should you implement?

A- A local database
B- ASP.NET session state
C- A state server
D- Profile properties


ASP.NET MVC Question and Answer Part-3

Here are few ASP.NET MVC interview question and answer which are very useful to clear eLance test.

1-How do you prevent routing?

A- Use ignoreroute method
B- Use authentication flag in web.config
C- Use deleteroute method


2-You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that displays stock market information. The stock market information updates frequently and must be displayed in real-time. You need to eliminate unnecessary header data, minimize latency, and transmit data over a full-duplex connection. What should you do?

A- Implement WebSockets protocol on the client and the server.
B- Implement long-running HTTP requests.
C- Configure polling from the browser.
D- instantiate a MessageChannel object on the client.


3- You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application. You need to authenticate clients by using NT LAN Manager (NTLM). Which authentication method should you implement?

1- Basic
2- Forms
3- Windows
4- Kerberos


4- The UIHint attribute is used to do what?

A- Used on the Mode to specify the Title attribute for a generated html control.
B- Used on the Controller to specify custom routes.
C- Placed on the Controller to specify which view to load.
D- Used on the Model to describe style attributes to change things like color and size.
E- Placed on the Model to specify the custom template to render for the property.


5- Which is true about ModelState?

A- It has the state of the model
B- It has the model properties and filters
C- It has the properties that have changed only


6- How is a model passed to a controller action validated?

A- StateModel.IsValid
B- State.IsValid
C- ModelState.IsValid
D- odel.IsValid
E- StateManager.IsValid


7- If you wish to include custom transformation logic in your Bundles, which interface could you implement?

A- Itransform
B- Ibundle
C- IBundleInvoker
D- IBundleTransform


8-If you wanted to use a partial view but also pass the same model object from the parent view, what HTML Helper would you use?

A- Html.Partial()
B- Html.Action()
C- Html.PartialWithModel()
D- Html.ActionWithModel()


9- Which namespace contains the attributes used to describe your model and it's properties?

A- System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations
B- System.Annotations
C- System.Web.Mvc
D- System.Web


10- Which of the following protocols are not supported by WCF?

D- All of these choices are supported by WCF


11- Where is data validation done?

A- Controller
B- Model
C- View


12- If you have a _Layout.cshtml file in your shared views, which file can you create to have  custom layout for mobile platforms?

A- _Layout.device.cshtml
B- _Layout.mob.cshtml
D- _Layout_mobile.cshtml


13- What property could you set on the OutputCache attribute to indicate that you want it to instantiate new caches for different combinations of parameters to the Controller action method?

A- VaryByParam
B- VaryByAction
C- VaryByBinding
D- VaryByCustom


14- What attribute is used to handle an exception that is thrown by an action method?

A- IgnoreExceptionAttribute
B- IgnoreErrorAttribute
C- HandleErrorAttribute
D- CatchErrorAttribute
E- ValidateExceptionAttribute


Saturday, October 4, 2014

ASP.NET MVC Question and Answer Part-2

Here are few ASP.NET MVC interview question and answer which are very useful to clear eLance test.

1- Which attribute could you use if you had a property on your Model class that you wish to be hidden when using the EditorForModel HTML Helper method?

A- DisplayValue
B- Display
C- Hidden
D- HiddenInput


2-The advantage of using read-only attribute for session state is:

A- Scalability
B- Neither of these
C- Parallel access of session
D- Both of these


3-What type of filter should be used if you want to modify the result of an action method?

A- Action filter
B- Output filter
C- Result filter
D- Response filter


4- An MVC application can have a:

A- Both session and view state
B- Session
C- View state
D- Neither session nor view state


5- Which property can you set on the BundleCollection class to indicate that you wish to enable support for CDN scripts or styles?

A- Cdn
B- UseCdnServer
C- CdnEnabled
D- UseCdn


6-You are authoring unit tests. The unit tests must test code that consumes sealed classes. You need to create,maintain, and inject dependencies in the unit tests.

A- T4 text templates and code generation
B- Stub types
C- Shim types
D- Hard-coded implementation

Answer - C

7- Which class is used by the MVC pipeline to map data from a HTTP request to the parameters in a controller's action method?

A- DefaultModelBinder
B- ModelBinder
C- ParameterBinder
D- RouteBinder

Answer- A

8- Which class contains information about the HTTP request that is parsed and inspected by the MVC pipeline when determining which controller and action to invoke?

A- Request
B- RequestContext
C- HttpRequestObject
D- HttpContext

Answer- B

9- What is the most scalable way to share Session information in a web farm?

A- InProc storage
B- AppFabric caching
C- SQL Server storage
D- State Server


10- What type would your Controller's action return if you wish to have an asynchronous action method that returns a View?

A- Task
B- AsyncActionResult
C- Task
D- ActionResult

Answer - C

11- You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application. The application must allow users to enter JavaScript in a feedback text box only. You need to disable request validation. What should you do?

A- Apply and set the CausesClientSideValidation attribute on the text box to FALSE.
B- Apply and set the ValidateInput attribute on the text box to FALSE.
C- Use the HttpRequest.Unvalidated property to read the unvalidated form value.
D- Use the HttpRequest.Form property to read the unvalidated form value.

Answer- C

12- ASP.NET MVC Framework implements a(n):

A- Front controller pattern
B- Page controller pattern
D- MVC pattern

Answer- A

Thursday, October 2, 2014

ASP.NET MVC Question and Answer Part-1

Here are few ASP.NET MVC interview question and answer which are very useful to clear eLance test.

1- Recipe is available in:

A- All answers are correct

Answer : B

2- What is strongly typed?

A- Model
B- Only ViewData and Model
C- ViewBag
D- ViewData

Answer: B

3-What is the purpose of _ViewStart.cshtml?

A- To define the starting HTML code used by any view under its folder and subfolders.
B- To make it easy to apply the same logic to all the views under its folder and subfolders.
C- To register the ViewState mechanism and initialize the razor engine.

Answer: B

4- How do you catch  unhandled action exceptions in a controller?

A- In the exception filter attribute
B- In global.asax
C- In the overriden OnException method

Answer: C

5- Which static class could you use to enable OAuth support for clients such as Twitter & Facebook?


Answer: D

6-What class would you derive from if you wish to create a custom  type for Web API's HTTP Content Negotiation?


Answer: C

7- True or False? It is best practice to use model binding instead of manually parsing the request.


Answer: A

8- If you wish for a ApiController action to be used for many different HTTP Verbs, which attribute would you set?

A- AcceptVerbs
B- HttpVerbs
C- HttpGet
D- ActionName

Answer: A

9- MVC Filters can only be applied to Actions

A - True
B - False

Answer:  False

10- If you wish to genrate links to related resources to add hypermedia to your REST service, what class could you use?


Answer:  B

11-If you wish to leverage the OData standards for querying your REST service, what attribute could you use on your ApiController action?

A- Query
B- Filterable
C- Queryable
D- OData

Answer: Queryable

12- ActionResult is:

A-An abstract class
B-None of these
C-A container class
D-An interface

Answer: A

13- If you wish to create a Web API controller, what class would you derive your controller from?


Answer : C

14-What attribute is used to handle an exception that is thrown by an action method?


Answer :  A

15-What is OutputCacheAttribute used for?

A-None of the answers
B-To mark an action method whose output will be cached.
C-To skip method execution until cached output expires.
D-To notify client browser that output shall be cached.

Answer: B

16 -Which base class can be used for the return value of a MVC action method?



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Microsoft Dev Center Benefits for Store developers

The Dev Center Benefits program is designed to accelerate your success on the Microsoft platform by helping you develop, improve and market your apps with a variety of offers and tools and is available to all registered developers worldwide of all experience levels and platforms.

There are 3 levels in the program:

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Master, unlocks VIP access to developer marketing and support, SDK early access and more.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Factory Method Pattern vs. Abstract Factory Pattern

Design patterns are reusable and documented solutions for commonly occurring problems in software programming or development. n one of my previous article about Factory Pattern I spoke about what are different flavors of Factory pattern and how to choose between them. But I think there are some confusion with regards to Factory Method Pattern and Abstract Factory. So we will work on it.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Microsoft passes 9 million Windows Phone transactions daily, promises carrier payouts to developers after 30 days

Microsoft today announced the Windows Phone platform has surpassed 9 million transactions, which encompasses both app and in-app purchases, per day. At the same time, the company revealed a policy change for developers: it will no longer wait to receive app sales proceeds from carriers before issuing payment to developers

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