Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An unhandled win32 exception occured in svchost.exe[1008]

Getting following exception on my machine form few days

OS: Window XP with SP3

An unhandled win32 exception occured in svchost.exe[1008]
An unhandled win32 exception occured in svchost.exe[1950]

Please help ?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Debugging is not working in VS 2008 Project

You may have accidentally changed your Web Site configuration from Debug to Release. Change it back and debugging should start work again.

- Click Build and select Build in Configuration Manager value
- Change the Active solution configuration from Release to Debug and click Close.
- Try debugging and see if your breakpoints are hit.

Hope this helps.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Unable to start debugging. The silverlight managed debugging package isn't installed.

Suppose you installed latest version of Silverlight (Silverlight 4), It may break the your current silverlight development environment with VS 2008. After in the Silverlight 4 installation, if you try to debug any Silverlight 3 project, you will get a message from Visual Studio 2008, saying "Unable to start debugging. The Silverlight managed debugging package isn’t installed"..

Solution :

To fix this error, install the Silverlight Developer Run time. You can get it from here :

Installation failed with error code: (0x80070643), Fatal error during installation for VS 2008

While I was installing Silverlight. I got following error.


Exe (d:\d7baf3d2979ba5016553d37455c7664c\PurgeSLTCache.exe) succeeded.
Exe (C:\DOCUME~1\JAIPRA~2.SIL\LOCALS~1\Temp\Silverlight Tools RTW\Silverlight.2.0_Developer.exe) failed with 0x80070643 - Fatal error during installation. .
Exe (d:\d7baf3d2979ba5016553d37455c7664c\PurgeSLTCache.exe) succeeded.
Final Result: Installation failed with error code: (0x80070643), Fatal error during installation.

Solution :

1- After installing VS 2008 SP1 restart your system.
2- Remove all the previous version of Silverlight.
3- Run setup again

It will work.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Validation (): Element "elementname" is not supported in ASP.NET WebForms in Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005

Sometimes application will compile and run properly but in IDE you got following warning message on each control.

"Validation ():Element is not supported"


Visual Studio 2008 - Delete all files from below location in your machine,

1:- C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\ReflectedSchemas

2:- C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\ReflectedTypeLibs

Visual Studio 2005 - Delete all files from below location in your machine,

1:- C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ReflectedSchemas

2:- C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ReflectedTypeLibs


Friday, January 29, 2010

Microsoft Top Benefits of Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

1-Express your ideas more visually

Office 2010 opens up a world of design options to help you give life to your ideas. The new and improved picture formatting tools such as color saturation and artistic effects let you transform your document visuals into a work of art. Combined with a wide range of new pre-built Office themes and SmartArt® graphic layouts, Office 2010 gives you more ways to make your ideas stick.

2-Accomplish more when working together

Brainstorm ideas, provide better version control, and meet deadlines faster when you work in groups. The co-authoring experience for Microsoft® Word 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft® Excel Web App and Microsoft OneNote shared notebooks let you work on a file with several people at once - even from different locations.2

3-Enjoy the familiar Office experience from more locations and more devices

With Office 2010, you can get things done more easily, from more locations and more devices. Using a smartphone or virtually any computer with an Internet connection, you can work when and where you want to work.3

Microsoft Office Web Apps
Extend your Office 2010 experience to the Web. Store your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files online and then access, view, edit, and share content through the web.

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010
Stay current and respond quickly using enhanced mobile versions of Office 2010 applications, specifically suited to your Windows Mobile-based smartphone.

4-Create powerful data insights and visuals

Track and highlight important trends with new data analysis and visualization features in Excel 2010. The new Sparklines feature delivers a clear and compact visual representation of your data with small charts within worksheet cells. Filter and segment your PivotTable data in multiple layers using Slicers to spend more time analyzing and less time formatting.

5-Deliver compelling presentations

Captivate your audience with personalized videos in your presentation. Insert and customize videos directly in PowerPoint 2010—trim, add fades and effects, or bookmark key points in the video to call attention to selected scenes. Videos you insert are now embedded by default, relieving you from managing and sending additional video files.

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