Friday, June 22, 2012

Top 10 sql interview questions asked for .Net Developer position from Beginner to Sr Developer

Below are the questions-

I- What kind of function can be written in SQL? How a function is differ from Stored procedure?

II- What is trigger? Can you write the syntax for AFTER trigger?

III- Have you ever used Magic tables? What are they? And where/how can be used?

IV-     What is the difference between Temp table and Table variable?(a) Difference between local temp table and Gloabal temp table.

V-      What is Identity column type? Can we reset the value of column of this type? What will be the next value, (a) if we delete all the records from this table and insert a fresh new record? (b) if we delete the table (c) if we truncate the table

VI-     What is the difference between Joins and Subqueries? Which one is better? Can you write the syntax for CROSS JOIN.  (a) difference between Left join and Right join.

VII-    How many types of Indexes can be done inSQL? What is the difference between them? Which one is the default type? Which one is better to use? (a) Can we have a table without any type of Indexes? (b) can you have a primary key on a table with non-clustered index?

VIII-   What is the difference in Primary key constraint and Unique key constraint? Is”Default” a constraint in SQL? (a) difference between varchar datatype and char datatype.

IX-     When and How to use cursor with syntax.

X-      How to do SQL query optimization?

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