Friday, November 23, 2012

50 Tricks for Faster Web Applications

Jatinder Mann , an Internet Explorer PM at Microsoft, held the session 50 performance tricks to make your HTML5 apps and sites faster at BUILD 2012, providing many tips for creating faster web applications.

The advice provided by Mann was organized around six principles outlined below.

1. Quickly Respond to Network Requests.

2. Minimize Bytes Downloaded. Minimize the amount of data downloaded when a web page is loaded.

3. Efficiently Structure Markup. For IE use the latest markup standardization since it is the fastest. Earlier IE6-IE9 markup styles are recognized by IE 10 but they are not as fast as the latest one.

4. Optimize Media Usage. Images are the most utilized resource, on average a website downloading 58 images.

5. Write Fast JavaScript.

6. Know What Your Application is Doing

Mann recommended using Windows Performance Tools to measure the performance of web pages in IE and optimizing pages for less CPU time and increasing parallelism.

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