Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Comma Delimited Cookies in ASP.NET with Parser Tool

ASP.NET does not provide support for comma delimited cookies which you will realize if you examine the source code for System.Web.HttpRequest class. You have to make use of semicolon charcter to work with cookies.

However, HTTP state management mechanism document of W3C (RFC2309) states that semicolon and comma are both valid characters to be used as a delimiter for cookie keys. But semicolon is commonly used by developers.

In order to implement comma delimited cookies in ASP.NET, you need to create a tool which simulates ASP.NET to parse cookies with comma instead of semicolon. The steps involved for the creation of a parser tool are as follows

=>Create HttpModule class that processes each and every request
=>Check for the existence of comma in cookie header
=>Parse and extract the cookies to put them in the collection

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